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The new way to raise capital.

The traditional way of raising capital is broken. Companies use fragmented tools to share documents, collect signatures, and wire funds. Now you can manage everything in one place.

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Manage every stage of your financing in one place

Invite investors

Once you’ve set up your financing in Carta, invite investors to participate in the round. Investors receive an email to log in and review the closing documents. Investors sign closing documents and transfer their funds directly from their Carta portfolios.

Track in real-time

As investors accept their invites to the round, watch their progress every step of the way. See when investors review and sign the closing documents, and get notified when their funds hit the escrow account. From there you can deposit the funds into your bank account for a seamless close.

Quick setup

Setting up your round on Carta is easy and intuitive. You can create the round and invite investors to participate in minutes.

Track investments

Investors can securely transfer funds from their account to a dedicated Carta account. Get notified when funds are ready to be transferred.

Financing record

Keep a detailed transaction record of each investor’s participation in the financing.

Investor experience

Easy and intuitive experience from start to finish

Sign closing documents

Investors receive an email invitation to participate in the round on Carta. Once enrolled, investors can review closing documents and sign them electronically. Companies are notified as each investor reviews and signs the closing documents.

Transfer funds

Once they have reviewed and signed the closing documents, investors can send funds through ACH or wire transfer directly from their Carta portfolios. Companies are notified as funds hit the escrow account and can immediately deposit them.

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