More about the Privacy Update

In May 2018, we updated our Privacy Policy to provide more transparency on what, how, and why we use your data. We’ve also made changes to comply with our obligations and our customers’ obligations under the new data regulation in the European Union, specifically General Data Protection Regulation (learn more). Part of that is informing you, as data subjects, about these updates:

Privacy and Cookie Policies

Carta is implementing changes to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service in order to comply with GDPR. Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are agreements on how Carta treats user and client data.

Carta is implementing changes to our Cookie Policy, which explains how cookies enable our site to operate, such as managing logins, data web services, and user verification. Our site will not operate without the use of our cookies.

GDPR Compliance

We now require EU residents to acknowledge our Privacy and Cookie Policies. We also ask if you’d like to receive Carta marketing emails. You can accept these policies and sign up for our emails by visiting our site.